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Cibolo Parkway
(FM 1103 extension)

This page last updated March 13, 2017


Cibolo Pkwy mapIn 2007, TxDOT completed a study on the possible future extension of FM 1103 in Cibolo south to I-10.  However, it was determined that funding for such a project was at least 20 years out.

In 2015, with explosive development in the FM 1103 area continuing, the Cibolo city council instructed city staff to investigate options to build the FM 1103 extension and a Blue-Ribbon citizens committee was formed to study the matter.  In 2016, the committee recommended partnering with the Texas Turnpike Authority Corporation (TTC) to develop the extension as a tollway. 

In 2017, the city council approved an agreement with the TTC to move forward with the project.  The TTC is now in the process of conducting a detailed feasibility study for the road, which would be a four-lane expressway from FM 1103 at Weil south to I-10 at Zuehl Road.  An overpass and connector at FM 78 would be constructed and overpasses/interchanges at other intersections are being evaluated.  The project could also include two toll-free express lanes in the center of a planned widening of FM 1103 between Weil and I-35 pending approval from TxDOT.

While the City of Cibolo would own the road, TTC would fiance the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the estimated $125 million and roughly 11 mile roadway.  In exchange, it would collect tolls-- currently planned at 20 cents a mile-- from roadway users for 50 years.

If the project is deemed feasible, the roadway could open to traffic as soon as 2020.

Additional information

City of Cibolo - Proposed Cibolo Parkway Project

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