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San Antonio

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Welcome to the home page for TexasHighwayMan.com!

All my life, I've been interested in transportation-- roads, trains, subways, airplanes... you get the idea.  My particular interest in roads gained me the nickname of "Highway Man".  Since I currently live in Texas, I added that to the moniker and came-up with "Texas Highway Man".  As you might now imagine, my site contains information on highways in Texas, with a special emphasis on my hometown of San Antonio.  I've also included a page on little-known Texas traffic laws and some other related stuff.

Even though I'm known as the Texas Highway Man, I did live in Germany for a while and, as you might guess, became quite enamored with their extensive transportation systems.  Back in 1998, I looked around the web and couldn't find much information on getting around in Germany, so I put together my own guide on the subject and a few years ago I acquired a separate domain name just for it: gettingaroundgermany.info.

Click on one of the links below to start your journey.  I hope you enjoy my site!

Texas Texas
Includes a primer on Texas highways and Texas traffic laws.
San Antonio San Antonio
Pages related to roads and freeways in and around San Antonio
Misc Miscellany
This section has pages about ancillary road and transportation topics as well as some unrelated subjects.
Getting Around Germany Germany
My companion site with all you need to know about flying, driving, or riding the rails in Germany.

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