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I-10 San Antonio Area Freeway System
Interstate 10 East (Josť Lopez Freeway)

This page last updated November 15, 2018

I-10 East highlight map This page covers Interstate 10 south and east of downtown San Antonio from I-35 to Graytown Rd.  Two miles of I-10 is concurrent (multiplexed) with I-35 north of this segment; see the I-35 South page for details on that segment.  Interstate 10 then continues northwest of downtown; see the I-10 West page for more info.

Length: 11 miles


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This unassuming freeway serves San Antonio's Eastside neighborhoods as well as industrial areas south of downtown and near Loop 410.  Residential areas line most of the route between I-37 and Loop 410; commercial and industrial uses front the corridor outside Loop 410 and between I-35 and I-37.  The corridor provides access to the AT&T Center and Freeman Coliseum, the San Antonio Missions Trail National Park, and the suburban city of Kirby.  New residential areas are sprouting-up between I-10 and FM 78 outside of Loop 410, especially along Foster Rd.  While the I-10 corridor east of Foster Rd. is mostly undeveloped, heavy residential and commercial development exists just a few miles north of I-10 along FM 78 and extending beyond Loop 1604.  Therefore, this route has become a favorite commuter route for motorists in the FM 78 corridor wanting to avoid the heavy traffic on I-35.

Roadway details


I-10 lanes map
  • 8 lanes from I-35 to I-37
  • 6 lanes from I-37 to Loop 410
  • 4 lanes from Loop 410 to Graytown Rd.


I-10 access roads map
  • Continuous access roads from Hackberry St. to Gevers St. and east of E Houston St.  Access roads do not continue through Loop 410 interchange.
  • No continuous access roads between I-35 and Hackberry and from Gevers St. to E Houston St.

Click here for a list of I-10 East exits.



I-10 speed limit map
  • 70 mph from Graytown Rd. to Ackerman Rd.
  • 65 mph from Ackerman Rd. to I-35


I-10 special features map
  • TransGuide coverage from I-35 to Roland
  • Left lane truck ban (6am-9pm M-F) inside Loop 410
  • Low clearance bridge at New Braunfels Ave.
  • Route number concurrency (multiplexes):
  • US 90 along entire route
  • US 87 from I-35 to Roland Ave.
  • SH 130 from Loop 410 east to Seguin


I-10 traffic map
Traffic volume legend

Moderately heavy between I-35 and I-37.  Moderate east of I-37. 

Counts between I-37 and Loop 410 have declined notably over the past decade.  However, counts outside Loop 410 (Ackerman Rd. excluded) have been increasing substantially.  Volumes between I-35 and I-37 have shown more moderate but consistent growth since 1990.

LOCATION 1990 2006 2010 2014 2015 2016 '06-'16
E of Loop 160421,000 38,00047,10349,96052,235N/A
W of Loop 160423,000 38,00049,22555,64857,979N/A
E of Foster Rd.24,000 46,00057,12665,76468,111N/A
Ackerman Rd.39,00086,00072,00038,40440,71743,414-49.52%
WW White Rd.36,00079,00072,00072,00468,85971,413-9.60%
E. Houston St.38,00080,00072,00072,15868,18170,744-11.57%
Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.40,00079,00071,00074,77668,60774,867-5.23%
S. Hackberry St.61,00094,00085,00084,32181,40483,241-11.45%
E of Probant St.102,000135,000123,000129,926132,854135,705+0.52%
W of Probant St.103,000117,000126,000123,413134,306137,180+17.25%

Media gallery

Click here for video of this freeway.

Construction projects

  • Foster to Graytown: Click here for details on this project.
  • Loop 410 to Loop 1604: Click here for details on this project.

Click here to view information for all projects in this corridor.


Future plans

TxDOT has plans to upgrade both the Loop 410 and Loop 1604 interchanges. A fully-directional "stack" interchange was proposed at Loop 1604 as part of the Loop 1604 managed lanes project, but it will now be done as a standalone toll-free project. TxDOT plans to widen I-10 to six lanes between San Antonio and Houston.

A project to add a WB entrance from and EB exit ramp to Roosevelt Ave is in planning.


Authorized on October 1, 1959.  Named for Josť Lopez, a Medal of Honor recipient.  Was originally called the "East Expressway."

The section from Commerce eastward was completed by 1964.  West from WW White, the route was originally proposed to head northwest and meet I-35 near N. New Braunfels Ave.  By 1964, however, the present alignment was proposed and was completed by 1968.

TransGuide coverage was added to the section west of Roland Ave. in 1995.  Modifications to the section from Loop 410 to Foster Rd. were completed in 2009 and additional improvements at the Loop 410 interchange were made in 2010.

In September 2011, the Texas Transportation Commission approved extending the SH 130 designation along I-10 from the terminus of the SH 130 toll road east of Seguin to Loop 410, then south along Loop 410 to I-35 South.  Signage was installed in 2013.

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